We all walk around with untold stories that get twisted and turned within us.  We hide in cloaks of shame, so that we might pass as acceptable.  Stories about our relationships to our bodies are about as personal as they get.

What if they’re all holy?  What if these stories are crucial doorways to an authentic life?

This weekend’s “Unveiling” workshop facilitated by Kristen Chamberlin and Catherine Musinsky was for survivors of all kinds.

Incredibly moving stories unfolded throughout the day, touching upon common threads of humanity, dignity and grace.  We painted, danced, wept, and laughed while documenting ourselves through visual imagery.   Shame and isolation melted away into connection, creativity and celebration, as each of us a became a bit more real.

Upcoming workshop dates will be posted on Kristen’s Website and Facebook Page.
Please contact Kristen (sidebar) if you’d like to host a workshop in your area.

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