To dance is to touch soul – where hearts soar and everything’s possible.
An opportunity to dance from the inside out like you’ve never danced before.

We’ll start slowly, with a meditative, tantric movement practice, from southern India. Gradually moving into a dance that explores our internal world of characters, super heroes, magical creatures and villains; we’ll touch into shadow, come back into the light, merge, transform and create something completely wild and unique.

You don’t have to be a dancer. We all have bodies that move. When we move from our own inspiration, we touch into the space of soul – a place where sensuality, physicality and spirit unite – fertile ground for the unfolding a an authentic life.

The evening will be lightly held with tantric teachings, and invitations for self-reflection and connection. You’re curiosity, open heartedness and a willingness to explore, are all that’s needed. Really.

Expect to come away with new insights, new friends and a wealth of experience from which to understand Himalayan Tantric Principle #4 ‘Multiple Realms of Consciousness’.

Tantric Soul Dance
Studio Helix
150 Main St., 3rd floor Thornes Market
Northampton, MA  01060
Oct 26th, 2018

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Each Tantric Ground event highlights a different Himalayan Tantric principle. When our budding Tantric Ground community is conversant with all 7 principles, there’s so much more we can do together.

Choice as to how and when you participate, is a central guiding practice at all Tantric Ground events.

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