Tantric Ground

growing one’s love, life, passion and purpose

Tantric Ground is an evolving learning community in the Pioneer Valley, where we get to demystify, learn and practice Tantra, starting with the basics and building from there.  It’s rooted in the Himalayan Tantra lineage brought to the U.S. by Swami Rama and further developed by Rudy Ballentine.

Tantra is rooted in ancient practices and philosophies that need to be grounded in one’s life and body. It helps to have done some personal work beforehand, as this is a path of personal growth and transformation that involves self-awareness, embodiment and pleasure.

Upcoming Tantric Ground Events in Northampton, MA

November 11, 2016

Conscious Kink                                                                      6:30-10pm
In this workshop we’ll frame the world of kink, using a tantric map, that allows us to find the sacred and to make ‘sense’ of this world of sensation play.

November 12-13, 2016

Mini Touch & Play
The Touch and Play Project is a movement emerging out of the International Contact Improv (CI) community, exploring beyond the traditional CI boundaries.

Dec 16, 2016

Tantric Ground Puja                                                                  6:30-10pm
‘Puja’ is a ritual prayer.  Borrowed from Eastern traditions, we’ll use it as a structure for building individual and community connection by inviting our open hearts, a reverence for life, eyes that are capable of seeing the beauty in the world – creating a bit of heaven here on earth.

Jan 21-28, 2016

Costa Rica
on Being Human:
opening the senses in movement and nature

We want to invite you on a joyful journey back to the body in nature, discovering the core of who we are as human beings.  Using the treasures of tantra, contact improv, and other awareness practices, we’ll rediscover ourselves in the studio, water and nature.

6-wk Beginner Tantra Series
Feb 12th:   6 Sundays, 3-6:30pm + 1 full wknd F-Sn, March 17-19th 

Through building competency with core tantric practices and principles; within the context of conscious and loving community, we’ll build a foundation for opening our lives more fully to love, passion and purpose.

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