In Tantric study, the body is the temple. The Sensory Palace is ‘temple time’, set aside for ‘awakening the senses’ .

Sensory Palace
Studio Helix
150 Main St., 3rd floor Thornes Market
Northampton, MA  01060
April 27th, 2018

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This will be a great opportunity for fun interactive ways of connecting with our senses of taste, sight, sound, smell, touch (by permission only) and our kinesthetic sense of movement; in sacred space. We will serve and be served. Couples and singles welcome. This is an intimate, lightly sensual, not sexual event. Everyone is always at choice.

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 Here’s what we are going to do:

A Sensory Palace, created by Kristen as one of Tantric Ground’s core offerings, will be a place for juicy, soulful singles, and couples to:

• Learn principles and practices of Tantra, yoga, movement and meditation.

• Be in a room with folks who are willing to be honest, and open hearted.

• Experience deep connections with those interested in tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious relationship, spirituality, embodiment – people like YOU!

         Building Skills for Body Awareness and Intimacy  _________________________________________

                (whether you are single or in relationship):

This special evening will begin with community building exercises with many invitations to connect with each other in light and playful ways — always with the opportunity to go as deep as you choose.  Single or coupled, you’ll experience many ways to say ‘hello’ and get to know one another, mingle and connect.

The Sensory Palace itself will begin part-way through the night.  We’ll break into smaller groups, for which there will be a structure offered for ‘awakening the senses’ .  You will have ample time to co-create within your small groups. You’ll always be at choice and encouraged to ask for 100% of what you want with a willingness to negotiate.

Invitation to Relax
Once the formal part of the evening is over, there’ll be time to dance, hang out, snuggle, relax, process, and rest.

  Here’s what Participants are saying about Tantric Ground Events so far!              _________________________________________

“It is rare to have the opportunity to connect with perfect strangers in such an intimate and experimental way–rather refreshing. Looking forward to more Tantric Ground meet-ups!” 

“So grateful for the amazing evening and to be around so many beautiful people who understand and are open to Tantra. The energy flowed with safe warm light. It was a joy to meet everyone, share the space and sacred practice. In gratitude. warm light….”

“Kristen is a top-notch facilitator who brings a breadth of knowledge and insight. She provided a solid and welcoming container for people to be introduced to the principles of tantra. I look forward to further events and the evolution of this group.” 

“The meetup was excellent. Kristen is a very wise and engaging teacher.” “A great introduction to Tantra. I really appreciated the safe space Kristen created for us to explore.” 

1. What if I’m in relationship? Being in relationship definitely does not exclude you from coming to the Sensory Palace. This ritual is an invitation to connect with yourself in the presence of others – and you will be at choice as to how you do that. There are typically a mix of singles and couples at the events.

2. What should I wear? Please be comfortable but also celebratory! Wear yoga pants or something with a draw string around the waist; bring sarongs, scarves, dresses, etc.

3. Do I need to bring anything? Yes, FRIENDS!! And your water bottle. You are also welcome to bring healthy snacks to share during and after the event.

4. What if I have questions, I’m feeling a bit nervous:  Please email me to set up a time to talk: If you’re looking to learn more about me and my work, you can go here:

This is an Intermediate Level Event
Good for those who are already pretty self-aware, comfortable with sensuality and good at setting clear boundaries.

This is an intimate, lightly sensual, not sexual event
Everyone is at choice – invited to choose their own level of involvement at all times.

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