‘body-awareness approach to life, healing and wholeness’.

Somatic Center is officially opening its doors to the public.  Please join us in celebrating this momentous milestone to mark our growth.

The Open House will coincide with Arts Night Out because some of us are also artists, dancers and musicians. Somatic Center has a gorgeous mini-Art Gallery in the waiting room (art for sale), and you’re welcome to nosh and schmooze with each other, while we serenade you.

Or perhaps you’ll choose to get a mini massage or Body-Mind Centering® demo to start your night off in just the right way.

Our practitioners will each be available for your questions.

We now have the following offerings here:

  • Mindfulness for Teens (6 wks, Th 6-7:30p, 5/2-6/6)
    • with Marguerite Haugh
  • Body-Mind Centering®
    • with Sylvia Maes
  • Clinical Somatic Education (Thomas Hanna’s work)
    • with Faith Enuol
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    • with Gary Einsidler, Kristen Chamberlin
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs
    • with Kristen Chamberlin
  • Relaxation Massage
    • Gary Einsidler, Faith Enuol, Kristen Chamberlin
  • Tantra Education (events, workshops and retreats)
    • with Kristen Chamberlin
  • Art in the Gallery
    • with Margaret Humbert-Droz
  • Monthly Kirtan on Arts Night Out eve (2nd Friday, 5-8p)
    • Drop in band
  • Somatic Experiencing®
    • with Kristen Chamberlin

If you’re a ‘body-aware practitioner’, we still have a few days and evenings available for rent.  Come meet us and take a look at the space while enjoying our Open House.

I can’t wait to see you there!

love, love,


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