Module 1: Orienting to Body Up Learning

Module 2

In addition to teaching about embodiment in connection with others, this course emphasizes embodied learning. This means noticing the experiences in your body as you go, practicing with a buddy, or buddies, and attending to your needs for safety, and connection. This first module addresses safety, key concepts and definitions. It also introduces simple, tried and true structures for embodied relating in the buddy practices. 

Module Structure

Module 1. Lesson 1: Safety, Safety, Safety

Our bodies and brains need physical and social safety in order to learn.

Module 1. Lesson 2: Key Concepts in Embodiment

Understand key concepts of embodiment, and take them with you through this course. 

Module 1. Lesson 3: Embodiment and Dissociation

Five reasons why embodiment matters.

Module 1. Lesson 4: Sitz Bones Rock – Solo Practice

Practice along with the video and notice how you feel.

Module 1. Lesson 5: TALK!

Take the time to find words that fit your body up experience. 

Module 1. Lesson 6: Expression, Reflection, Response

Embodied relating depends on expression, reflection, and response. 

Module 1. Lesson 7: Guidelines for Online Practice

Online relating works. And, here are some important tips for making it feel even more embodied and authentic.  

Module 1. Lesson 8: Leader and Mirror Roles

In the partner/buddy practices, both roles are rich with learning. 

Module 1. Lesson 9: Finding a Buddy

Here is some support for finding a buddy - or another buddy.

Module 1. Lesson 10: Self Reflection

Doing your self reflection work puts you in charge of your own safety and learning.

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