This Intro to Tantra event will take participants on a deep dive into the world of Himalayan Tantra.    We’ll dispel myths, open to truths and drop into our soul’s yearning for more love, passion and purpose.  In practicing skills for unconditional love, we create safety for opening our hearts to the fullness of human connection and the sensuality of life.  Tantric principles and practices, embodied exploration, expressive arts, engaged discussion, yoga and meditation guide the way, for each of us to discover our own blessed truths.

Intro to Tantra weekend retreat
Shutesbury, MA
May 10-13, 2018
Cost:  $610

Sign Up
$150 Non-Refundable Deposit

Cancellation Policy:
Full Refund minus $150 Deposit up until April 13th, 2018
50% Refund minus $150 Deposit up until April 20th, 2018
0% Refund after April 27th, 2018

In this retreat we’ll:
  • Explore Tantric wisdom teachings experientially
  • Have lots of fun, playful, sensual invitations for connection
  • Redefine pleasure as a source of healing
  • Explore transformative edges in your life
  • Open windows of perception to the sacred
  • Discover the expansion that comes when boundaries are clear
  • Learn to discern ‘power’ vs ‘violence’ within a tantric paradigm
  • Learn the Relationships between Giving, Receiving, Taking and Allowing


Whether you choose the weekend or series format, the following modules will be covered.  Each highlighting a core Tantric teaching:

  • ‘A Tantric Doorway’:  Boundaries, Beginnings, Requests and Negotiations
  • ‘A Tantric Move’: Experimentation with full-bodied, improvised movement, conscious touch and play
  • ‘Body Electric, Body Alive/Puja’:  working with the energetic body in ritual
  • ‘Tantric Soul Dance’:  Dancing with a 3000 year old teaching on ‘multiple realms of consciousness’
  • ‘The Alchemy of Eros:  Creativity, Sexuality and Power’:  A transformative map for coming alive and working with shadow
  • Unconditional Love:  the thread that runs through it all


These retreats
  • Are fully clothed, sensual, non-sexual events
  • Respects personal boundaries and the choice of each participant to decide their level of participation in every program element
  • Draw from a wide range of teachings, modalities and experiential opportunities including:
    • Dance, movement, sound, breath work
    • Personal inquiry and self reflection
    • Didactics followed by experiential exploration
    • Ritual
    • Laughter, Irreverence & Play

Both formats are ‘Tantra-light for the Tantra-curious’; a sensual, non-sexual learning environment; where plenty of deep wisdom, inspiration, connection, healing and joy will be had by all.

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