Tantric Ground’s

Intro to Tantra Weekend Retreat
Shutesbury, MA
Sept 29-Oct 2, 2016

“I was transported.  The event exceeded my expectations.  Kristen’s gifts with creating and holding space dazzled me.  I even got wiser, learning tantric philosophy when I thought I was just playing!”                                        ~J.D.


“Another fabulous event with friends, old and new! Things always start with shy and awkward moments, but take only five minutes or so, to shift into rhythms of trust and friendship, where love and laughter break-out, and deep knowing and healing take over.”                                                                                                                                          ~J.J.

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Magic Happens at Tantric Ground!

In this special weekend you’ll be learning some basic Tantric practices for waking up your life.  This will be done in the context of creating a conscious, loving community, that includes the following:

  • Being At Choice – everyone’s free to pass, for any reason, on any activity.
  • A ‘Culture of Consent’ – where physical contact happens by permission only.
  • Principles and Skills of Loving’ – seeing, listening, honoring, good will in action, non-judging
  • Honoring Boundaries – getting good at ‘yes’ and ‘no’, surprised by the possibilities good boundaries reveal.
  • Seeing Beauty – moving from eyes that critique, to those that see the miracle of life and love

Then the magic happens. Folks show up in the most inspiring and soulful, ways. Generosity abounds. We laugh. We cry. We learn a lot and life expands.


What, Who, Why?

What? This ‘Intro to Tantra’ weekend, we’ll be working with Tantric Principles or ‘maps’, that reveal core truths about life.  As a ‘science of transformation’, Tantra offers skills and practices for making real change, for coming alive to our core capacity for love, life and passion.

Who? You’ll be surrounded by spirited seekers like yourself, who want more from life; who are willing to show up authentically, to risk for love, life and pleasure. Remember, you’ll get skills along the way. There’s lots of fun to be had. You’re always at choice.

Why? Isn’t Tantra about having better sex? Yes and No. As a 5000 year old, earth-based cosmology, rooted in love. Himalayan Tantra offers practices and principles for connecting with our divinity, inseparable from our sexuality or life force. Tantra is about the transformative life journey through embodiment. We practice tantra to come more alive, to connect and to revel in the pleasure and abundance of an embodied life.


A Note About Shadow

We’ve all got it. By its nature, we don’t know much about it. It’s the part of ourselves we had to hide in order to survive what life threw our way. Just know, if it shows up this weekend, as it probably will, its an imminently loveable doorway to your gold.

This is a clothes on, sensual, non-sexual retreat.


Facilitated by Kristen Chamberlin, MS, LMT, SEP: Kristen is a Massage & Somatic Therapist, parent and dancer, with 25 years experience in private practice, retreat facilitation and training.  She directs the Somatic Center (somatic-center.com) in Northampton, MA with a focus on embodied approaches to trauma-healing, stress related medical conditions and Intimacy and Body-Awareness issues, drawing on training in Somatic Experiencing, Massage, Mindfulness, Himalayan Tantra, Dance and Yoga.  She is core teaching faculty at Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, and runs ‘Tantric Ground (http://www.MeetUp.com/Tantric-Ground-Northampton/), a local Tantra-learning community based on a direct lineage of Himalayan Tantra from Northern India.


Principles of Himalayan Tantra

“What is Tantra? It’s what a tantrika (tantra practitioner) does
while practicing Tantric Principles.”

~Rudy Ballentine, MD



Everything’s an Experiment
an invitation to be the authority for our own lives

Tapas and Spanda
a map of creativity, power and sexuality

As Within, So Without
a wisdom map for our relationship with the cosmos

The Inner Marriage
the dance of polarities in our inner and outer worlds

Multiple Realms of Consciousness
a map of consciousness that opens possibilities

Ascending and Descending Currents
a map of the energetic body

The Healing Power of Pleasure
the hidden truth about pleasure

Unconditional Love
with it, nothing else matters; without it, nothing is enough



Tantric Ground is a Somatic Center program run through MeetUp.com

Tantric Ground’s
Intro to Tantra: A Weekend Retreat

Shutesbury, MA
Sept 29-Oct 2, 2016


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