Our Erotic Nature Series
an embodied, journey of play, joy and discovery in nature

4 part summer series – 2017
Sponsored by the Somatic Center’s ‘Tantric Ground’

Workshop Description:

In this series, we’ll expand on two core truths of Himalayan Tantra:

  • Play is central to the embodied spiritual path.
  • Tantra thrives in communities living close to nature.

Taking full advantage of these beautiful summer months, you’ll have 4 amazing opportunities to play in nature, perhaps re-igniting connection with your own core nature.  It will also be a great way to deepen your connection with others in this Tantra community, while having a heck of a lot of fun!

This is tantra-light for the tantra-curious:  a clothes on, sensual, non-sexual series of events.

4 part Series @ $210 can be paid here

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Though taking the full series is encouraged, individual workshops can be attended as stand alone events @ $75 each


Workshop 1:  Mud Romp:     Saturday, July 8th, 2017      @ 12-4pm

In this blasphemous event, we will dress up in our finest (clothes you’re ready to part with, or perhaps a trip to the Salvation Army beforehand?) and have a howling good time playing in the mud, along the CT river.  Followed by a refreshing swim in the river. Location: TBA to participants only


Workshop 2:  Wild Pond:      Saturday, August 5th, 2017  @ 12-4pm

A short hike will bring us to a watery paradise where we’ll experience the beauty and sensuality of water in its natural state — blue herons, beaver lodges, pond weeds, mud between the toes, and sunny rocks for sun bathing — an afternoon full of sensual delight. Location: TBA to participants only


Workshop 3:  Shoreline Solo:    Saturday, September 2nd, 2017  @ 12-4pm

Imagine a beautiful shoreline where you’ll have an expansive view of pristine wilderness for an afternoon of solo time.  In silence you can breathe in the timeless expansiveness of this enchanted place for what it might reveal. Location: TBA to participants only


Workshop 4:  Fire Trance:   Saturday, September 9th, 2017  @ 6-10pm

Our series will be topped off with an evening to experience the blissful trance state that fire so easily facilitates, with live music from Jason Cohen of Incus.  We’ll sing, dance and shout out our joy, as the night unfolds. Location: TBA to participants only


Nature can be unpredictable.  Safe behavior supports a fun outdoors event.  Please take notice of the following:

  • Participants are asked to be responsible for their own safety. They will be advised ahead of time, of any known safety hazards and/or known precautions that support individual and group safety.
  • Each participant will be expected to assess their own level of preparedness for each event, including swimming skills, trail walking, solo and fireside time.
  • If at any time, the program leader judges a participant’s behavior as jeopardizing to individual or group safety, they will be advised.  Should the unsafe behavior continue, the program leader reserves the right to terminate that participant’s involvement in the program through verbal notification.
  • All events will be held at public sites, where we may encounter other non-program visitors.
  • All events are substance free, clothed, and for adults only.
  • All events will happen rain or shine.

Facilitator’s Note:

Long before I was a Somatic Therapist and Tantra teacher, I worked a as a wilderness guide and naturalist.  Its a joy to come full circle and bring these worlds together.


“What an adventure. The setting was pristine and safe. The content and the processes were flawless. The facilitation, second to none. But it was all of you… yes you, that touched my heart and soul in so many ways, that made this a truly magical experience.”  ~J.D.

4 part Series @ $210 can be paid here

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Magic Happens at Tantric Ground!

Facilitators Bio:

Kristen Chamberlin, MS, LMT, SEP:  Kristen is a Massage & Somatic Therapist, parent and dancer, with 25 years experience in private practice, retreat facilitation and training.  She directs the Somatic Center (somatic-center.com) in Northampton, MA with a focus on embodied approaches to trauma-healing, stress related medical conditions and Intimacy and Body-Awareness issues, drawing on training in Somatic Experiencing, Massage, Mindfulness, Himalayan Tantra, Dance and Yoga.  She is core teaching faculty at Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, and runs ‘Tantric Ground (http://www.MeetUp.com/Tantric-Ground-Northampton/), a local Tantra-learning community based on a direct lineage of Himalayan Tantra from Northern India.


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