I know.  This is kind of personal, but I’m going to ask it anyways.

Have you ever longed for,

– really hot, amazing sex, but can’t seem to find it anywhere?
– a partner who’s willing to go there with you?
– more than ho-hum-sex with your beloved?

Yes?  Well, guess what?  It’s all possible!  I don’t care if you’re a cis man or woman, gender non-conforming, queer, gay, black, white, brown, immigrant, Muslim, Christian, Jewish or any other category — YOU have an amazing, magical body that’s wired for amazing, magical sex –going to God (insert your word here), kind of sex.

If, like me, you’re from the West, we get programmed out of this.  Right? We’ve got shame, fear, body image issues, our history of betrayals, and our To-Do Lists.  Ha!  All the while, underneath, we have this amazing capacity.

Do you ever stand in the grocery line and imagine the people around you having sex?  No really.  It’s funny right?  We are all wired for it, no matter what size, shape, age, color, religion.  It’s who we are.  You too.

The good news, if you’ve gotten separated from who you are at your core, there’s a way back.

What is Sacred Sexuality?

First off, let’s get this straight, sexuality and spirituality are the same energy.  I know, you wouldn’t know it by looking around. They are completely split off from each other here in the West.  We even talk about them as if they’re distinct energies.  They’re not.  But would you go to a church, mosque or synagogue to have sex?  Probably not.  It makes me laugh to even think about it.

I’m still laughing. Lol.

When the split between these two energies is healed, sex becomes a sacred, holy act.  You will think you’ve gone to a place of worship. And, in fact, you have.

How Tantra changes lives.

So, I’ve worked for years now on the leadership team of this amazing retreat where we offer the chance for the split between sex and spirituality to heal.  Informed by Himalayan Tantra, we create a space to completely flip the culture on its head (in a good way) to reclaim our core nature as spiritual-sex, beings.  It’s a place where not just great sex happens, but deep, profound, healing happens. I’ve seen miracles.  People discovering things they never knew possible. I’ve watched people meet their soul mates.  I’ve seen folks wounded by life circumstances, reclaim their innocence, and walk whole in the world again.  I’ve watched women with all kinds of body dysmorphia reclaim their shame-free, sexy aliveness, and men who’ve been steeped in toxic masculinity begin to learn their sacred masculine gifts to the world.  I’ve seen all kinds of people, find new sources of freedom, power and passion.  This is an amazing retreat.

Here’s one of the secrets.  When we show up, unarmored, radically intimate, feeling safe, because we’ve participated in creating it –  all kinds of things are possible.

a week long Sacred Sexuality retreat in the Catskills Mountains of NYS

This retreat was designed for you.  There are so many ways to create the life you long for.  If your single or coupled, there’s plenty here for you.

Sexuality & Spirituality
Livingston Manor, NY
June 24-30, 2019
Led by Kristen Chamberlin

$250 deposit will hold your spot.
Registration happens through Shalom Mountain by pressing ‘Sign Me Up!’
It will send you to a page where you’ll see this photo:

Sexuality & Spirituality

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