Faith Enuol, our newest addition to the Somatic Center team, is a Massage Therapist and Somatic Educator in the tradition of Tom Hanna, founder of Clinical Somatic Education. Her massage background includes advanced study in medical massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, prenatal and more. She is always learning and expanding her tool-kit for helping clients to restore balance and vitality. She works with individuals looking to experience relief from pain, restore freedom of movement, improve posture, and learn self-care practices they can use to maintain their own well-being.

She is especially excited to offer sessions of Clinical Somatics, a powerful form of bodywork based on the principles of neurophysiology. Her work is centered around using the body’s own mechanisms to create change in your central nervous system, leading to lasting changes in your body.

If you want to meet her, join us at the Somatic Center’s Open House on April 12th, 4-8pm at 25 Main St., suite #208, Northampton.  She’ll be offering mini sessions for anyone interested in learning more.

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