Mapping the Body Through Consent
Studio Helix, 150 Main St., Northampton, MA
May 18th, 2018

An evening of experimenting with conscious touch. 

As humans, we need touch in order to really thrive in our lives. Yet, culturally, we are offered so little guidance for navigating this complex world with skill. And so we avoid all the beautiful ways we could be nourishing ourselves on a daily basis.

When we build basic skills for good boundaries, body-awareness and touch, worlds of possibility open before us.

The evening will be spent learning and experimenting with physical intimacy in sensual, non-sexual ways, drawing on Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and weaving touch skills derived from Sensate Focus, Massage Therapy, Contact Improv and Tantra.

You’ll come away with all kinds of new tools to move forward in your life with more confidence in giving and receiving touch with skill.

This is an INTERMEDIATE level, sensual, non-sexual event.
Experience with conscious boundaries setting is helpful.

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