Sylvia Maes, Body Mind Centering (BMC) practitioner, joins the Somatic Center team of uniquely skilled practitioners.  With 30 years of immersion in the BMC world, she is now one of the Valley’s hidden treasures.  She’s that good.

What is BMC?  And what can it do for you?

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, BMC utilizes movement, touch, voice and the mind to explore principles of human development, experiential anatomy, psychophysical and physiological states of being, in ways that heal.

A Body-Mind-Centering practitioner, with very well trained hands and intuition can identify and realign connective tissue (skin, fascia, muscles, ligaments and bones); can help reduce pain and increase the ease of movement; and will work with the lymphatic system as an integral part of the practice with a full spectrum of clients—from babies and children to older adults. She helps people find their own abilities to heal themselves.

Sylvia knows that miracles happen through the use of BMC®.  She’s eager to share what she knows and loves, with you.

If you want to meet her, join us at the Somatic Center’s Open House on April 12th, 4-8pm at 25 Main St., suite #208, Northampton.  She’ll be offering mini sessions for anyone interested in learning more.

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