This intermediate level retreat will take you on a deep dive into the mystery of Eros, dispelling myths and unfolding truths about erotic power and the wisdom it holds for your life. It’s your birth-rite to feel alive, sensual and powerful, walking through the world.  Until we fully integrate our erotic energy, this can be hard to attain. 

In practicing skills for conscious, consensual, embodied expression, we create safety for opening our hearts to the fullness of human connection and the sensuality of life.  Tantric principles and practices, embodied exploration, expressive arts, engaged discussion, yoga and meditation guide the way for each of us to discover a profound connection to the beauty of the world, the delight of the body and the depth of the spirit within.

​Alchemy of Eros (formerly Intro to Himalayan Tantra)Shalom Mountain, Livingston Manor, NY

Oct 19-22, 2023

Cost:  $750 all inclusive

Register Here:Shalom Mountain, 664 Cattail Rd., Livingston Manor,$200 Deposit

This is a sensual, non-sexual, clothes on retreat.  Its helpful to have done some personal growth work previous to attending this event.

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