We are excited to have Dave Eyerman join our team at the Somatic Center!

Dave is a Personal Freedom Advocate. He is a shamanic coach and licensed acupuncturist.

What does all that mean?
Dave helps people move to a space of greater self-awareness and personal empowerment. He brings with him a vast array of healing tools, from acupuncture and energy work to shamanic techniques and Akashic Records readings.

At the core of what he does, he is a shamanic coach. He interweaves his knowledge of shamanism, mindfulness, Chinese Medicine, and general spirituality into his sessions, helping his clients broaden their own awareness of themselves and of life.

What does that look like? How will I know he’s the person for me to see?
It all begins with a level of discomfort that you want to move past. That could be headaches or hip pain, stress and anxiety, or a sense that something is just “off” in your life and there’s a subtle but noticeable level of dissatisfaction with how things are going.

Sessions include both coaching as well as table work. Dave approaches healing from a variety of angles, letting the bodywork on the table – acupuncture, energy work, or shamanic healing – reinforce the mental and emotional things talked about in your session. The time on the table helps open the door for changes to be made in your life and for you to walk out feeling more empowered and in control of how things are going in your world.

Come meet Dave at one of our Arts Night Out, the second Friday of each month, from 5-8pm, 25 Main St, suite #208, downtown, Northampton, MA!

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