July TBA, 2022
Shalom Mountain Retreat Center
Livingston Manor, NY

Are you:

  • Looking to find a deep loving connection with another and with yourself?
  • Wondering if you can find a lover who will openly explore sexuality?
  • Longing to meet others with whom you can create a sacred sexual experience?
  • Curious about how sexuality and spirituality are really one and the same energy?

If this resonates with you, then come and join us for the Sexuality and Spirituality retreat in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State in June 2019.

Why Sexuality & Spirituality?  In our culture, we divide the sacred from the sexual.  We can heal this split when we open in radical trust with another:  to be vulnerable emotionally, physically and spiritually.  This opening allows us to be outrageously loving and for us to become an avenue for the Divine.  When we are held in community, our hearts can learn to love in ways we never imagined – body, mind and spirit.  On this retreat, we risk being intimate with one another.

Why six days?  We need time to relax, take a deep breath and remember who we are.  And there is no better place than Shalom Mountain in the summer.  On a shorter retreat, we can avoid sharing the parts of ourselves we don’t usually show.  Six days gives us time to really know each other and to love each other in those vulnerable places.

What happens on this retreat?  We’ll spend time building a cohesive, loving group presence.  We’ll tell our stories, share our inner experiences, dance and do yoga.  Each morning we’ll have a teaching session, followed by an embodied experience.  In the afternoons, we will have extra free time to connect with others and enjoy the retreat center.  In the late afternoons, we gather to prepare for our evening ritual.  Each process builds on the previous days teaching and there will be time for conversation, journaling, breath-work and learning about Tantra.

Who are the leaders?  Kristen Chamberlin (leadership team TBA) is a trained Tantra teachers as well as experiences group facilitator and somatic therapist.  She has been leading  sacred sexuality retreats for many years reagionally and internationally, as well as teaching workshops in the philosophy and practice of the ancient art of Tantra and is passionate about the loving relationships in her life.


Shalom Mountain
664 Cattail Rd., Livingston Manor, NY

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