September 2016 Letter to the Tantric Ground Community

Dear Tantric Grounders,

You’re going to like this. I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been up to.

Below you’ll find a whole lot of new programs, along with some of the old familiars packaged differently for higher impact. Please come join me for any or all.

For more Info or to Register:
All Events are held in Northampton, MA or neighboring towns 

Beginner Event

  • Sept 16, 2016, ‘A Tantric Move’: 6:30-9pm, Northampton, MA                   $25

Facilitated by Kristen Chamberlin

A Tantric Move, is anything that enlivens our life with the richness of Eros.   When we move our bodies, from our own creative impulses, Eros moves within us.  It’s as simple as that.  We’ll create a laboratory of play and experimentation, for learning the language of connection through conscious touch and improvised movement, while practicing radical self-connection and presence.

Beginner Event

  • Sept 29-Oct 2, 2016, ‘Intro to Tantra’ a wkd retreat, Shutesbury, MA             $540

Facilitated by Kristen Chamberlin

This is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into this beautiful Himalayan Tantra lineage. It’s still ‘Tantra-light for the Tantric-curious’, sensual, non-sexual; though plenty of wisdom, deep inspiration, connection, healing and joy is sure to be had.

Testimonials from June’s ‘Intro to Tantra’ weekend

 “What an incredible time of deepening and expanding together into our sensual nature! I was amazed by Kristen’s graceful skill of weaving us all into a loving community so quickly and her wisdom that allowed us to trust the radical transformation that easefully happened. Thank you everyone for bringing your full selves!”    ~ H.L. ~

“Wow! I didn’t expect to go so deep with a group of people in only a few days. Skillfully led. Everyone had an open heart, and made the magic happen. Thanks to all!”    ~ Z.S. ~

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Upcoming events not yet listed on the MeetUp site, but soon to be! Stay tuned for details:

Intermediate Event (still sensual-non sexual, but a deeper dive)

  • Oct 14, 2016, ‘The Mythical Realm’, 6:30-10pm, Northampton, MA  Cost: TBA

Facilitated by TBA  (Event still being confirmed)

Everyone seems to have some primal response to snakes. Playing within the ‘Mythical Realm of Consciousness’ (teaching from last year’s Tantric Soul Dance), we’ll meet with a 21st century ‘Priestess’ who will introduce her live boa constrictors. We’ll get to learn and be inspired, while holding and gently moving with these beautiful and unusual beings.


Intermediate Event (still sensual-non sexual, but a deeper dive)

  • Nov 11, 2016, ‘Conscious Kink’, 6:30-10pm, Northampton, MA             Cost: TBA

Facilitated by Kristen Chamberlin & Maria Merloni

Riding the cultural wave of curiosity and acceptance of kink, you’ll get skills and tantric maps that invite you to experience these practices as sacred, rich and deeply intimate. You’ll come away able to discern the sacred from profane, in this increasingly ubiquitous form of sensation play.

Beginner Event

  • Jan 29, 2017, 7-wk ‘Beginner Tantra Series’ Dates: Yet to be Confirmed

6 Sunday’s 3-6:30pm + 1 full wknd March 16-19th                                            Cost: TBA


If you’ve been around Tantric Ground this past year, many of these classes will look familiar. Packaged in a new way, the impact of sequential learning, in a short time frame, with a core community of like-minded seekers should be powerful. The following modules will be included in the series:

  • ‘A Tantric Doorway’: Boundaries, Beginnings, Requests and Negotiation
  • ‘Tantric Ground Puja/Body Electric, Body Alive’: working with the energetic body in sacred ritual
  • ‘The Love Code: A Conscious Touch Lab’: building the skills for conscious intimacy and connection
  • ‘A Tantric Move’: Experimentation with Full Bodied, Improvised Movement and Play
  • ‘Our Erotic Nature’: A Story Slam of Intimate Encounters with Nature
  • ‘Tantric Soul Dance’: Dancing with a 3000 year old teaching on ‘Multiple Realms of Consciousness’
  • ‘Sensory Palace’: A giving and receiving temple
  • ‘The Alchemy of Eros: Creativity, Sexuality and Power’: A transformative map for coming alive.
  • ‘Contact Kirtan’: A soulful song and a soulful dance

This entire series is ‘Tantra-light for the Tantra-curious’; a sensual, non-sexual learning environment; though plenty of wisdom, inspiration, connection, healing and joy is sure to be had.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Warm love and regards,




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