Giveaway: Somatics


Feel like what troubles you is in your body?

Here’s a tool for re-membering the body connections

as a step along the way.


Exercise: Working with the Senses

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Kinesthetics of Movement

Re-membering that we have a body begins with the breath (see Mindfulness Giveaway), and then with a revitalization of the senses.

With time, this exercise will be an invaluable tool for building a more vital connection to your body.

Materials Needed:  1-2 Raisins


Take a moment, any moment, and slow way down. Take a Breath and notice where you are. Great.


With a raisin in your hand, notice first what you see. All the details, colors, nuances. Really take it in.


What does it sound like? Try putting it up to your ear. Roll it around between your fingers. Savor this new information.


What does it smell like? Can you describe the smell without comparison?


What does the raisin feel like in your hands? What’s the quality of the feel?


First, just notice what happens when you hold the raisin up, preparing to bring it towards your mouth.

Next bring it towards your lips so slowly that you can feel your bodies response.

Then, just touch it to your lips.

Perhaps next, a small bite, noticing every nuance of response in your mouth and your body. There’s a lot that unfolds here.

Slowly ‘eat’ the raisin, as you pay attention to the next step.


Notice how your mouth; tongue, teeth and jaw organize to ‘meet’ the raisin.

If you chew or swallow, see how much of the detail of this process you can notice. How do your jaw, tongue and cheeks, organize to chew or swallow?

Take 5 minutes: Apply this degree of awareness to any event in your every day life.

Like what you’ve learned here?

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