Giveaway: Mindfulness


Anxious, stressed, overwhelmed?

Here’s a tool that can make a difference

right here, right now.

Exercise: S.T.O.P.


Stop what you’re doing.


Take a breath; a long, slow, full breath.


Observe your surroundings. Take in as much detail as you can. Really take your time with it.


Proceed with whatever you were doing.

Many of us walk around as if we have a smoke detector going off on the inside that says “Danger!” There are good reasons for this. When we stop to notice our surroundings, there’s a physiological change that happens.  Our relaxation response kicks in. This is good medicine. It’s free and it’s available anytime, anywhere, to anybody.

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Mindfulness meditation has many benefits for mind and body, and is a powerful tool for improving the quality of our lives, health and well-being. Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected.

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