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What is somatic therapy?

At the Somatic Center, somatic therapy involves working with the mind-body connection to improve quality of life and promote healing. Opening to a joyful life happens more naturally when our external lives mirror inner values and desires. Learn more.

Events & Classes

There are many ways to integrate somatic practices into your life. Check out descriptions and dates for upcoming events, programs and classes at the Somatic Center. Learn more.

How can mindfulness help?

Mindfulness meditation is the act of bringing moment to moment awareness to your life, judgment free. Learn more about the practice and check out the courses available at the Somatic Center.

What does sexuality have to do with it?

Love and intimacy are two of the most powerful healing forces in our lives, yet regularly get deleted from the conversation. That’s because it takes skill…to do these conversations justice. Learn more.

TG Events by Location

Tantric Ground Events by Location

Northampton (No’ho), MA

Hartford, CT region

Ashville, NC

Portland, ME region

Costa Rica

TG Events by Level
Tantric Ground Events by Level
Beginner Events – sensual, non-sexual tantra-light for the tantra curious, but with plenty of depth
  • Sept 8:        Tantric Ground Puja-MA
  • Sept 15-17: 2 Intro to Tantra Events in ME 
  • Sept 26:      Sexuality and Trauma-ISEE-MA
  • Oct 1:          Intro to Tantra 5 week series start-MA
  • Nov 10:       Tantric Ground Puja-Northampton, MA
  • Nov 11:       Alchemy of Eros: Creativity, Sexuality and Power-CT
  • Dec 15:       Tantric Ground Holiday Puja-MA
Intermediate Events – sensual, non-sexual, depth of presence required-clothing optional when explicitly stated
  • Sept 28:      Our Erotic Nature story swap-NC
  • Oct 13:        Body Mapping Through Consent-MA
  • Nov 24:       Conscious Connection Through Touch-MA
  • Dec 8:         Our Erotic Nature story swap-MA
  • Feb 17-24   on Being Human, Cahuita, Costa Rica
Advanced Events – clothing optional, could have explicit sexual content, depth of presence required


Feel like what troubles you is in your body? Here’s a tool for re-membering the body connections as a step along the way.


Anxious, stressed, overwhelmed? Here’s a tool that can make a difference right here, right now.


Longing for deeper connection? It helps if we’re self-connected first. Here are some tools that can help.


Are you interested in simple recipe for making more Love in the world?

Kristen Chamberlin, MS, LMT, SEP, RSMT

Kristen is a Massage and Somatic Therapist, parent and dancer, with 25 years of experience using body-awareness approaches to resolving stress related medical conditions and trauma. Her work is informed by Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Yoga, Himalayan tantra and a love of the natural world. Learn more about her and the center.

Kristen Chamberlin, owner of Somatic Center

Somatic Center Blog

Intro to Himalayan Tantra

This Intro to Tantra event will take participants on a deep dive into the world of Himalayan Tantra.    We'll dispel myths, open to truths and drop into our soul's yearning for more love, passion and purpose.  In practicing skills for unconditional love, we create...

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Tantric Ground Puja

A Tantric Ground Event Friday's in Northampton, MA Feb 15, 2019 March 29, 2019 April 19, 2019 May 24, 2019 150 Main St., Studio Helix (3rd floor Thornes Market), Northampton, MA 6:30-10pm A ‘Puja’ is a ritual prayer.  Borrowed from Eastern traditions, its used to...

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The Hero’s Journey: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

By the time the first Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class starts, I've already sat with each participant to hear their story.  Some are facing their mortality, others chronic debilitating pain and addiction, still others, family histories that limit their...

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Understanding and Healing Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain

Geomorphology of the Body When humans began standing upright and walking across the plains as bipeds, it completely changed the physics of the musculoskeletal system.  Since form follows function when it comes to anatomy, changes to our musculature were inevitable. ...

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Understanding and Healing Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Geomorphology of the Body The challenge any animal faces as it evolves from living in the ocean to living on land, is to figure out how to organize movement in a field of gravity.  Our musculoskeletal system is the 'technology' that allows us to do just that. In very...

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Unveiling: Body-Soul-Art-Play

Intermediate Level:  This is going to be fun, soulful and possibly life changing. But it will take a wee bit of courage. Tapping into the stories our bodies hold, we’ll set personal intentions for a ritual ‘unveiling’ and an expressive arts exploration, that opens us...

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New Massage Therapist at Somatic Center

"Those who work with their hands, head and heart are artists." Meet Gary Einsidler the latest addition to Somatic Center's team of artists. "When I need some repair work to help with my injuries, Gary is my go to guy" ~ Daniel Trenner, Tango Dance Teacher...

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Tantric Soul Dance

To dance is to touch soul - where hearts soar and everything's possible. An opportunity to dance from the inside out like you've never danced before. We'll start slowly, with a meditative, tantric movement practice, from southern India. Gradually moving into a dance...

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All over wellness, body and soul—that is what Kristen provides in a single session, like no other practitioner I’ve ever seen.

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